Non-hazardous chemical
Hazardous chemicals imco Class 8 and 9
Food storage
General Cargo storage
200,000 sqft area
12000 Pallets positions


Speedy and hassle-free clearances of
imports/exports through
Dubai Customs/Dubai Municipality.

Rich experience in Custom Clearance services
Expertise on all aspects of Custom clearing formalities
Hands-on, experienced Team
Consultative professional approach
System driven, ensuring more efficiency.


& Transportation

Safe / hassle free/Timely distribution of goods within UAE.

Own fleet of vehicles,- 3 ton/7ton/10 ton
pickups, flat bed trailers , box trailers.

FCL/LCL clearance from port/shipping agents/CFS.


20,000 sqft for co-packing added value service facilty.
Pelletization, shrink wrapping, strapping & labelling etc.

01. Warehousing

AGL is an ultra – professional third party logistics company managing distribution of consumer product into U.A.E. and around the gulf.

We do not market goods,we do not sell them. Our loyalties lie with simply supporting and promoting your product efficiently, through a vast distributive network.

02. Documentation

Our qualified and experienced staff will carry out the complete import and export customs, documenation and order processing using their expertise and excellent relationship with all relevant staff and officers.

03. Stock Inventory

AGL has an efficient material management to ensure verification and monitoring of suppliers deliveries against customer order to ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time.

04. Transportation

AGL fulfils special transport assignments such as computers, electronics, perishables, chemicals, intl removals, entire plant and large industrial equipment.

05. Packing

AGL flexibility and expertise has been employed to fulfill very specific piecework for its customer in term of pelletization, shrink wrapping, strapping & labelling etc.


WHAT Our Clients Say

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Have some Questions?

​Five per cent of the value in CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) terms except for alcohol and cigarettes. 50% Duty payable for alcohol while 100% for cigarettes.

The value of goods for the purposes of imposing import duties.​

Temporary Admission Basis, by keeping a deposit that will be physically assessed by Customs Inspectors at the time of arrival, on the assessed value. While balance quantity is exported, deposit will be refunded back for the exported items.

Or you can use the ATA Carnet which is an international customs document that permits duty-free and tax-free temporary importation of goods for up to one year.
ATA Carnet cover almost everything:

  • Commercial samples;
  • Professional equipment;
  • goods for use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions

For more details contact 800-CHAMBER

​Yes, an importer/owner or their representatives needs to declare the value of the imported goods as part of customs declaration at the customs entry point along with the supported invoice.

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